"Above All" - A Photo to Oil Painting Workshop

(Use coupon "ZEN" for $15) Photo -Composition - Value Study - Color Sketch - Painting

Welcome to this Photo to Oil Painting Workshop! In it, I'll show you

  • how to take a simple looking photo and find a pleasing composition in it,
  • do a value study to get the shapes and values clarified
  • choose a color scheme based on the mood you want the final painting to have
  • adjust the drawing to accentuate the feel of the painting and
  • finally, paint the scene with confidence that it will turn into a successful painting!

Come, join me in this adventure where I paint this painting and explain to you my process and thinking behind my brushstrokes!
See you in the class!

Oil painting demo - Above all - Intro.mp4
Underpainting and first paint
Sky and details in the middle ground
Background trees and final touches

What's included

  • 4 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Mandar Marathe


Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator and Designer